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We understand the uncertainties faced by tech professionals amidst massive job losses and the rapid pace of digitization. That's why NetraChain is dedicated to nurturing creative thinking, providing continuous learning opportunities, and offering a platform for global career growth.

We empower you with game-changing R&D projects, hackathons, design thinking labs and global connections that drive innovation, while genuinely acknowledging and addressing the challenges you encounter.

Businesses of tomorrow need to be built on balanced foundations: Empathy and pragmatism; foresight and insight; humanity and technology. At Netrachain, we connect organizations and experts on collaboration-based projects, to inform policy and spark real-time change.

As a premier technology partner, the NetraChain hub gives you access to some of the most insightful events and unique experiences available:

  • Interactive Panel Discussions
  • Coding Hackathons
  • NetraChain Summit
  • Exclusive Travvu Trips
  • Research Project Opportunities
  • Digital Product Workshops

Our human-centered culture drives what we do.

Our values shape every action we take and decision we make.

Promotional Opportunities

  • Student Network
  • IT Professional Network

Recruitment Concierge

  • Build a pipeline for your growth and your innovation. Our Recruitment concierge team will connect your organization with the right people to be future thinking
  • One on one recruitment consulting with your HR teams to head hunt the right roles

Exclusive content and a new way to expand your brand

  • Co-branded training modules produced with our team
  • Articles, white papers, other thought-provoking pieces advertised to our membership
  • Video series focuses on your topics to bring a perspective to external and internal partners
  • VIP sponsorship opportunities for our events or custom events curated with your team